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Its friday chat

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I am not looking for a soul mate, the perfect lover, the perfect wifefriendwhatever. To help me filter out the spam that this ad will generate, please start the subject line of your reply with the word possibilities. I have a knack for being spontaneous its always go with the flow. Let's take this slow w4m Char intelligent, pretty, sarcastic, professional, attached, sexy and in need of a friend who likes to give a female attention and be romantic and thoughtful You: intelligent, tall, handsome, friday, alone or attached, wanting a friend first with the potential of some pretty amazing benefits eventually.

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But these days especially my sister comes up. I love the pace here. Oh, where to start.

I will not until tomorrow afternoon where we have the annual "teachers go on scene and sing a song, make a show and all old and new students love it"-thing tomorrow evening after the galla-dinner so have to be there for that. The lingerie is made for all shapes and sizes and advertised fridqy al shapes and sizes too. What's important to you, and how do these values influence your professional choices?

Its friday

In my quest for a healthier relationship with my body. What makes Copenhagen so special to me is that it doesn't have the busy-feel of a typical capital city.

Especially two things come up. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, where did you study, and what about Copenhagen makes it special and makes you stay?

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Who are your personal heroes and why? We are performing "Can't friday the feeling" from Trolls and think that we are supposed to be dressed as Trolls Chat is making its nice dinner tonight - its like staying at a 5 star hotel and E is at a sleepover Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.

I'm from Denmark, born in Copenhagen raised in Aarhus. I found myself compromising with comfort in order to fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty.

Thinking back on my teen years, I like oh so many others suffered from low self-esteem and body insecurities. Is intention was to build a brand that doesn't just promote diverse body types, but actually caters their products to them as well. From Moons and Junes campaign.

Seeing how she handles her struggles is mighty inspiring to me. Second, I can always get better at living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

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We are thrilled to give you a closer introduction to this amazing entrepreneur, the founder and the main power-bank behind Moons and Junesa beautiful brand with beautiful values whom you might have spotted already in our directory. I've studied sociology at Copenhagen Business School and enjoyed a chunk of time studying a bit of entrepreneurship at Columbia University in New York City.

What do you do to live more consciously on daily basis? And it's home - my family and friends — which definitely my favourite thing fridag the city. I love that everyone is on their bikes, hanging out with their friends in parks, the cosiness.

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Many things are of importance to me, but one of my values that are strongly reflected in my professional choices is the importance of intersectional feminism and representation.